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Balanced Life Meal Prep was created by word-of-mouth for our healthy delicious food.  Our food is a clean way of eating that eliminates processed foods and preservatives by using mainly organic products. We create delicious meals that are gluten free and reducing the amount of over processed, refined carbohydrates, and preservatives.  Starting with the basic condiments to the sauces and dressings, everything is created here in the kitchen. Your meals will be custom made to accommodate what your goals are and what you are trying to achieve.

A few words about the owner

Let us introduce our owner

My parents made the hard decision of leaving our home country of Vietnam to escape communism. Their goal for our family were to find better opportunities and live freely in the world’s greatest country. We lived a very modest life and family time was extremely important. My parents worked two or three jobs at a time, so dinner time was most important for everyone to come together. My mother was a chef and we would spend our evenings helping her prepare the meals.  This sparked my interest in cooking. Her delicious food has fueled my desire for fine cultural foods and inspired me to share it with those I encounter. I truly believe the key to eating healthy is not just limited to a well balanced and nutritious meal, but it must also taste good.

Menu of the day


  • Eggs Benedict
    with either bacon or salmon
  • Enfold’s famous Crepes
    with fresh fruit, bacon and maple syrup
  • French Toasted Brioche
    with grilled banana, bacon, rosewater mascarpone and maple syrup
  • Low Carb Breakfast
    grilled chicken breast with veggies
  • Bagel
    with salmon, cream cheese and salsa
  • American Pancakes
    with chocolate  sauce or maple syrup, honey and cream


  • Spiced Pigeon
    Ale & artichokes
  • Ribeye Steak
    Mushroom ketchup & fries
  • Duck Breast
    Smoked confit fennel & umbles
  • Roast Turbot
    Mussel & seaweed ketchup, salmon roe & sea rosemary
  • Linefish
    Pan fried line fish, herbed nicola potato and mussel salad
  • Autumn Lamb
    Pan seared lamb loin, slow roasted lamb shanks
  • Duck
    Confit duck leg, mushroom and liver stuffing and onions
  • Homedried Tomato
    with sesame, aubergine puree and burnt aubergine jelly

Beverage Selection

  • Grechetto, Poggio Della Costa
    2011, Umbria, Italy (B) 13|49
  • Muskateller, Heidi Schrock
    2010, Neusiedlersee-Huggeland, Austria (B) 52
  • Posip, Zlatan Otok Winery
    2012, Island of Hvar, Croatia (B) 53
  • Chenin Blanc, Nicolas Joly
    2010, Loire, France (B) 65
  • Petite Chablis, F. Bachelier
    2011, Chablis, France (O) 44
  • Prosecco, Jeio
    NV, Italy (O) 11|37
  • Cava Brut, Campasso
    NV, Spain (O) 11|41
  • Sparkling Rosé, Trevisio
    NV, Veneto, Italy (O) 11|41

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